The Principles of Sustainable Fitness

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Over the course of 12 weeks, I will show you how to train however you want and eat whatever you want. This program is meant for people who want to understand the principles of training and nutrition in order to make fitness and health a sustainable part of their life. 

No matter what your fitness goal is, we will work together to achieve this goal. We will be checking in daily with your workouts and nutrition. Every week, we will have a video call to breakdown the entire week and what to change and improve for the following week. 

Your program will be personally customized to fit your fitness goal and your nutrition will be tailored to foods that you already love to eat. 

At the end of the 12 week program, you'll be training in a way that works for your life and eating in a way that makes you happy. By the end of the 12 weeks, you'll be feeling more fulfilled mentally but also physically. 

Let's get started today. 



1. Getting to know you phone call
- In this phone call we discuss what your current fitness looks like, how you are currently fuelling your body and your everyday routine and lifestyle including job occupation, stresses, busyness and passions. 

2. Introduction to the app 
- During this phone call, I will walk you through the two apps that you will be using to manage your training and nutrition. I will show you how to get set up with your profile, how to navigate the app and expectations from both my side and yours. 

3. Daily Check-Ins 
- You will choose at what point in the day you want me to check in with you. During this check-in, we will talk about how your training, nutrition and overall day is going. During this time, you can ask me any questions regarding your program, nutrition or anything that is on your mind. 

4. Once a week - 1 Hour Video Call 
- In this video call, we breakdown your entire week. We talk about how you are managing from app usage to product implementation. We will be discussing you day-to-day progress in addition to the weekly progress you have made. I will be highlighting actions you have done well and opportunities for growth. This video call is about you - aiming to help you feel more and more confident with how you approach your day-today.